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I'm really into coffee. INDONESIA

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I'm really into coffee.

cherry cordial ✢ candied hazelnuts ✢  chocolate covered strawberries 

Region: GAYO 
Farmer: AUILA
Processing: WINEY
Elevation: 1300-16503M


Hi there & hello to our endearing coffee enthusiasts! The "I'm really into coffee series" is an ode to us, the cultured, educated, graceful, & elitist snobs. I say this as a fellow "enthusiast", but admittedly I like to think of myself as obsessive. 

About winey processing:

The winey process is considered experimental, but has been a common practice in Indonesia & SE Asia. Inspired by the strong, fragrant and fermented profiles in wine of certain types of (like Amarone), winey process is a processing method in which coffee cherries are left to over-ripen, dry and then ferment under sunlight. 
The winey processing method is similar to natural process: during the day, the beans are laid on a surface to dry under sunlight, then transferred into plastic tubs for storage at night. While producers repeat the steps above for two weeks to achieve a natural coffee, the winey process requires 30-60 of the procedure: this is to make sure fermentation takes place within the coffee cherries. Once the cherries start to resemble raisins, they are then depulped with a depulper machine and then dried until the water level drops to 12-14%. The final result is a winey, strong, & fruity cup.

About the farm: 

Auila is native Gayo, born and raised in Aceh Tengah.  His family are all involved with coffee and he inherited a small farm.  After finishing school, he started processing his own specialty coffee, but the market was mostly commercial oriented at the time.  So, he decided to hunt for idocrase (vesuvianite) in Gayo instead, a precious stone in demand for jewelry.  As these stones became harder to find and the specialty industry began to grow, he decided to return to processing coffee, buying cherry from his local community.